Capable of being evoked; impassioned to give rise to, to draw forth, to evoke.

A writer pays attention to the world.
Pen to paper – the art of observational articulation.

My skill-set and diversity of pursuits values life long learning, professional, academic, and personal development, and the application of those to contribute meaningfully within my lived experiences and environments.

A strategic professional with instincts for business: dynamic perspectives in marketing communications; refining key messages through creative deliveries; and ambitiously targeting measurable outcomes. Most recent, I’ve completed an Education degree from the University of Alberta, a Public Relations diploma from MacEwan University, and will complete an international public relations practicum with an international music festival. My portfolio includes eight years of experience in leadership, program delivery, and management in business, sports, and entertainment industries. I believe fostering mutually beneficial relationships and delivering meaningful experiences enhances the quality of life for all. I am passionately engaged by integrated marketing communications, experiential marketing, creative branding, and event management for live events. I value providing memorable experiences to audiences.

My utmost passions are a compendium of journal writing, blogging, minimalism, event planning, standing on top of mountains, snowboarding down them, getting lost in concert crowds, exploring foreign cities, and immersing myself in soul satisfying music.

I love experience, I love culture, I love people, and I strive every day to maintain high ideals, abiding by my own rules and standards in life.

I venture to experience the world as a positive, kind place to spend my life, and endeavour to leave a lifetime legacy of experienced happiness. 

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